Silent agony

Some things are talked about and others are kept quiet.

If you suffer from haemorrhoids, you probably haven’t mentioned it to those around you, and may have avoided informing your partner about it. In any case, you haven’t discussed it during your coffee break at the office. Of course, you now avoid coffee!

That’s the way it is. In our society where taboos are constantly broken, in an ultra-connected world where everything is instantly shared on the social networks, there are still forbidden areas and disorders that are kept silent. However, it’s difficult to ignore it when suffering from a flare-up of haemorrhoids.

And yet, there aren’t many more universal diseases: one out of three people suffer from haemorrhoids at some point during their lifetime. Although we can mention pregnancy or constipation as a condition favouring a flare-up of haemorrhoids, medical science has still not identified a real environmental or biological cause that would explain why certain people suffer from them and others don’t.

However, it can’t be denied that around us, more people than we imagine are or have been familiar with this pain. Flare-ups of haemorrhoids may cause real suffering far beyond the usual and polite term of “haemorrhoid discomfort”

his is why the taboo has to broken! We should speak to those around us, those closest to us, our pharmacist, our doctor, about what’s happening to us. We’ll then discover much more compassion than judgement. By talking about it and sharing good practices, experiences, recommendations and tips, we can quickly relieve the suffering as well as the feeling of shame!