Long live pregnancy!

What a joy to be pregnant! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Everything is ready: a new apartment with an additional room, close to public transportation and a nursery school. After moving and buying a cradle, we were more than ready… we were impatient!

Then the good news arrived: I was pregnant. The first months went by without the slightest problem. My friends already had children and passed on advice and shared anecdotes about their pregnancy. However, nobody mentioned it. It occurred during the second trimester: haemorrhoids.

I never had any before. I never spoke to anyone about it. I really felt alone with my suffering! It began with local discomfort, itching that I wasn’t able to identify. Then there was blood in my stools and pain. When I noticed the appearance of external swelling, I decided to overcome my embarrassment and make an appointment.

The doctor reassured me and explained that it was common. During a pregnancy, the blood circulation is completely upset. There are two hearts, two bodies to irrigate! The development of the foetus compresses the rectal venous plexus, resulting in dilation of the internal and external veins.

In addition, pregnant women are often constipated. This increases the risk of haemorrhoids. The effort required for a successful bowel movement and the time spent in the toilets then become real enemies.

My gynaecologist recommended Micro H: the single dose combines the advantages of suppositories (internal haemorrhoids) and classic creams (external haemorrhoids) while guaranteeing 0% corticoids. It’s therefore 100% safe for my baby. In addition, the wipe is really practical and discrete for daily hygiene.

My experience taught me one thing: at the first signs of discomfort, don’t wait and don’t be afraid. Consult your doctor or your pharmacist and begin treatment!