It’s in my nature…

As far as I can remember, I’ve always had haemorrhoids. The first time, I was in high school. It was especially embarrassing and, naturally, I didn’t mention it to anyone at the time.

I remember my surprise at the intensity of the pain. My mother quickly understood my problem and told me that she also suffered from episodes quite often. Apparently, It’s in my nature too. She watched over my diet and prescribed a systemic treatment and a cream.

Since then, I’ve had a great many episodes, more than I can count. Of course, I consulted a proctologist who recommended that I continue the local treatments. Since my episodes never reached the critical stage, nothing more drastic was considered.

With time, I abandoned all treatment. I tested almost all of the creams. Certainly, some of them provided more relief than others but, after years of flare-ups and discomfort, I dropped them all. Now that I’m almost 40, I’ve decided to accept my lot in life.

I’m not alone. I know several people my age who have the same problem and, sooner or later, give up the hope of finding a lasting and effective solution.

My pharmacist then suggested Micro H. He recommended the single doses as well as the wipes. Micro H acts on the internal AS WELL AS on the external haemorrhoids. However, the real discovery was the wipes!

Moistened with active ingredients, Micro H wipes not only provide good hygiene and comfort during flare-ups, they also have a soothing effect and relieve the swelling and pain. In addition, since I’ve used the wipes on a regular basis, I’ve noted that the flare-ups were fewer and further between.

In short, haemorrhoids are one of the diseases that are unfair. Some people suffer from them all their life and some people never. However, you shouldn’t resign yourself! If, like for me, it’s in your nature, don’t give up all hope!