Where I want it, when I want it!

My wife had talked about it when she was expecting our son. She described the pain and her embarrassment when she asked her obstetrician for advice about relief from her haemorrhoids.

The doctor wasn't surprised: one expectant mother in three suffers from haemorrhoids. He considered the problem to be mild and, as a matter of course, prescribed suppositories and a crème for her, which reduced the symptoms.

As a result, when I had the same problem a couple of years later, I didn't bother going to the doctor's and went back to the pharmacy to order the same treatment.

The combination of both products worked well, but it was seriously impractical! I travel a lot in my job and I always had to remember to take both products with me. And the suppositories have the disadvantage of melting very quickly.

On one trip to Hong Kong, I had put them in the minibar in my hotel room to keep them from melting. But I didn't count on the room service, who threw them out after the first night.

Another time, during a seminar in London, I had the misfortune of having an attack, but I had forgotten to bring my medication. I struggled to explain what product I needed to the employee at the English self-service shop. I was unaware that suppositories are a largely French form of medication: very few countries market treatments in this form...

After a farcical scene face to face with an Englishman, dumbfounded by my laborious attempts at description with a poor accent and disastrous mimes, I gave up and suffered through the attack for the rest of my stay.

So, when my brother told me about Micro H Monodose, which combines the effect of the suppositories and the crème, thanks to its pharmaceutical form as a disposable dose, I didn't hesitate for a second. I filled my toilet bag with them so that I'll always be assured of being ready in any circumstances.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to appreciate this practical aspect of the monodose, even when you're on the road. While I was on holiday with my family in Morocco, I felt the beginnings of an attack and I used a dose straight away.

I was able to give treat the problem quickly, effectively and, above all, in an incredibly practical fashion without worrying about the temperature of the suppository or about how much crème to use or about having to clean the cannula!

I felt rapid relief and the symptoms disappeared after a couple of days' treatment. When we returned to France, I hurried to the pharmacy to buy more boxes so I would never run out and the pharmacist introduced me to Micro H Wipes, which help to keep the anal area perfectly hygienic.

The products in the range compliment each other perfectly, they are effective and suited to my modern nomadic lifestyle... I wouldn't swap them for anything in the world!