On the road for the holidays

This year, my husband and I are taking our children on holiday in a camper van. It's a project we have set our hearts on for many years, and this year we're finally doing it! We've packed our bags, packed our swimsuits and sunscreen and we're off together on our adventure.

We set out on the back roads in our magnificent home on wheels, the landscape alternating between the azure seaside and verdant countryside. Our children were on cloud nine and we spent a wonderful month with the family! But, right from the first day of driving, I felt an itching, burning sensation, "right there", where you can imagine.

I thought our dream trip was going to turn into my own holiday from hell! After having driven for a whole day on one buttock, a little embarrassed, I talked to my husband's doctor about it. He reassured me: in fact, I had gone through my first haemorrhoid crisis. Karma has a peculiar sense of humour and I had to go through this unpleasant experience at the age of 45, when I thought I had escaped it during my two pregnancies...

Nevertheless, as the pharmacist on duty in the village where we spent the night explained, science identifies several factors which can influence the occurrence of a crisis. Pregnancy is one of the better known factors: nearly one expectant mother in three will experience this type of discomfort for anatomical reasons.

We also know that people who suffer from constipation are more prone to suffer from inflammation of the blood vessels in that part of the body. A number of studies have shown that this condition may also have a hereditary character: even if there is no official "haemorrhoid gene", the children of parents who have this type of condition are likely to develop these symptoms. But this wasn't the case for me...

But the prime factor for the occurrence remains age! Doctors consider that inflammation is fostered by a loss of tone in the tissues. As well, even if the age at which the first crisis occurs is still very uncertain, numerous studies have shown that, on average, from the age of 40, one person in two falls victim to a haemorrhoid crisis at least once in his life.

So, I accepted my fate and I have scrupulously followed the recommendations of my husband and the pharmacist. I have kept an eye on my diet and I have used Micro H Monodoses for 5 days. After the second day of treatment, to my great relief, the pain had totally disappeared. What's more, with Micro H Wipes, I have been able to look after myself throughout our long days on the road and keep up perfect hygiene, which has helped greatly in putting an end to the crisis.