"Hot hot hot!"

After months of preparation, here we are at last: Thailand! A month travelling from the north to the south! Crossing the jungle to reach the fine sand.

Many wonders awaited us on our pilgrimage: the temples, the wildlife, the flora and my main interest: the Thai cuisine! A great gourmet in search of new dishes and flavours, an adventurer armed with his culinary notebook, on arriving at Chiang Mai, I hurried to the city centre to find the market and the numerous street cafes.

Unfortunately, while I had made preparations for the great classic, “the runs”, for mosquitoes and for different standards, I wasn’t ready for the painful crisis resulting from the spicy food. After 48 hours on a 2-day expedition on the back of an elephant, of course...

Not having the least intention of giving up my plans, I swallowed my pride and mentioned my problem to a tourist couple with whom I had hit it off and who came to Thailand regularly.

Instead of the laughter or teasing, which I thought was inevitable, I was given a single reassuring smile and the wife took out 3 small, discreet white packages from a little first-aid kit in her bag.

MICRO H?! Reassured to see a pharmaceutical product, I thanked my new friends very much. It soothed the pain right from the first use and in 48 hours, I was able to sit down again comfortably. As for my crossing the jungle, I made it with no problem at all and willingly on foot!

From now on, MICRO H is an essential item in my travel bag.