Our recommendations against haemorrhoids

First, keep in mind the main causes of haemorrhoids:

Excess pressure on the haemorrhoid veins, provoking congestion, swelling and oedema.

The irritant role of faeces (bacteria and acidity) on the skin and mucous membrane of the perianal area, provoking inflammation.

Fragility of the lining of the haemorrhoid veins, in general hereditary.

In practice, the following behaviour is recommended:


Avoid constipation with a diet rich in fibres (fruit and vegetables). Eat, for example, 4 or 5 prunes or oat bran (2 soupspoons or 2 capsules) every day.

Avoid foods that make the faeces even more irritant (strong spices, coffee, etc.).

Drink enough to hydrate the faeces (1.5 litres or more each day) and don’t overdo the consumption of alcohol (dilation effect of alcohol).

Physical activity

Practice a physical activity on a regular basis but not in excess. In fact, intensive, violent and repeated activities are likely to traumatise the walls of the haemorrhoid veins (in particular, cycling, horseback riding or weight lifting).

Local hygiene

Clean the anal area after a bowel movement to eliminate a maximum of faeces (acidity) and bacteria.

Avoid using too much toilet paper. Without being fully effective, it may irritate. On the contrary, clean with water or, better still and more suitable, clean with specific microfiber wipes (refer to MICRO H Wipes). They favour the deposit of a protective film.